Buyers Guide

Computer Systems

LastPass Teams

Buying tech in 2019 is more confusing than ever for your business. You will want to pick systems with a long history of dependability and performance. You don’t want your employees or your customers waiting for slow computers and most computer are built for some people to use sometimes. Not for the heavy all day use that keeps your organization running.

To start things off, the basic of basics, the ThinkCenter. It’s an easy choice for your workstation needs. With a massive selection available. I find these 2 configurations to be in the sweet spot for reception, cash registers and a wide range of administrative work.

Lenovo ThinkCentre i3 Spirited – $569
Lenovo ThinkCentre i5 Faster $679

If you don’t already know this is one of the most productive pieces of equipment you can buy. The iconic MacBook Pro, this is the sweet spot in the product line (13″ Screen, 256GB SSD & 8GB RAM)

Computer Accessories

USB Fingerprint Scanners

This is a great way to keep a strong password on your windows 10 computers without getting stuck needing to type it in all of the time. Here are 2 of my favorites.

This is a great little fingerprint for scanner for laptops from Kensington. On last check it was less then $40 with our link.

This is a great unit from Verifi, it has a little weight to it so it’s not moving around when you use it. On last check, it was less than $70 with our link. We have used this one successfully at high demand locations including hotels and Doctors office reception area systems.

Input Devices

This was the first ANKER Product I’ve purchased and it has been amazing. Not only can I work longer hours with this more ergonomic mouse it works great and was cheap!