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That’s enough Google, Hello 365

Don’t get me wrong, the services I use and support on Google are like magic from what we used 10 years ago. I’ve been all in, Google Pixel Phone, Google Fi Cellular service, Google Home Hub. Many google chrome casts and Google Mini’s around. My company on Google G-Suite for more than 10 years, even our company website running in a Google Cloud VM.

I think the Pixel 3 is where Google started losing me. It had voicemail limitations my old Samsung did not and I started missing calls because my voicemail filled up so fast. The accuracy of the google assistant was underwhelming and had poor support for features in G-Suite. Google knew the camera was the star of the show and it is great. So I hung in there, instead of going back to the Samsung note.

The Google Home Hub, I needed to lower expectations for this. Turning lights on and off is cool, and asking for a podcast to start is nice. But lists stuck in google assistant, reminders that don’t remind that well and terrible support for G-Suite. The google home hub was just not the productivity workhorse that I anticipated. It could have just run android for the flexibility I wanted, but google would rather limit its functionality to make you interact with the device by voice for nearly everything. They seem to just be looking for a way to collect more voice samples and user data for there advertisers after all. Although it was fun finding ways I could make it crash by voice command.

In the rest of the world, Windows Hello with Azure AD is amazing. Amazon’s Alexa just seems like more fun, The Alexa infrared blaster, Alexa subwoofer, Alexa for my PC, and an Alexa alarm clock. Smart devices with a clear purpose, how novel. On the Phone front, iPhones seem to do a better job of correctly interoperating my typing and dictation. The new iPhone Pro has more photo horsepower than my now aging Google Pixel 3. I just kind of ran out of reasons to stick to the Google stack.

And Snap, data has been migrated, Yubikey’s are activated and mail has been flowing to our Microsoft 365 domain instead of G-Suite for about a week now. I plan on switching to an iPhone soon and we will be on a fresh platform for 2020. Luckily for me, I have done dozens of migrations between the platforms for different clients over the years. So the migration was a nice smooth process. Microsoft has been doing a great job of modernizing its platform.

The Google product line is still fantastic. Microsoft 365 is going to save us a bit of money every month and simplify our infrastructure. If I was able to run everything on a Chromebook or Linux I needed, I would have probably stayed with Google. But for now, Microsoft is the way to go.

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