Microsoft 365 & Azure

TechQuest is a Microsoft Partner offering premium sales, support and training.

Microsoft Security 

Leveraging Microsoft Defender XDR and Microsoft Sentinel we can move your business as a whole or roadmap migration of business and could assets over time. We use a bespoke approach that works with your business and budget to drive the most value. 

Device management

Microsoft security solutions are cross platform and cross cloud. Securing so much more than windows computers. We have Mac OS, iOS, Android and Linux servers endpoint protection as well as Cloud App protection even capable of protecting Googles Workspace. 

Microsoft 365 User Management

Bring your workforce into the future with cloud based corporate controls and access policies customized for your specific business. Microsofts modern workplace with, Email, Office software packages including a host of Innovate software. Limiting the needs to work outside Microsofts secure cloud, keeping your data safe.